Monday, September 04, 2006

Why wouldn't a Muslim salute his land?

Why wouldn't a Muslim salute his land?
Every one, not just a Muslim, knows that a piece of land is not to be equated with Godhood. But nevertheless, a healthy respect to the environment that a country like India creates can be and should be expressed by all who live in the country.

Why wouldn't a Muslim sing Vande Mataram?
Muslims have been very clear about their stand, not just in the Vande Mataram issue. They will not respect an other religion nor will they respect a country (environment) that has given birth to another religion, nor will they even sing in a language (sanskrit), which they think is representative of another culture, not Islamic.

How come all Muslims are united in allowing a fanatic Imam to be their representative?
Why won't they come out and say that the Imam is not talking what the Muslims think, if they like to sing the song?
That’s because a Muslim's core religious works such as the Quraan and the Shariat are intolerant to other religions. Not just a few misguided Muslims, but the root of Islam is intolerant.

Has it ever occurrred to us Indians that for centuries we have not been able to really make friends with Muslims? Nobody in the world has ever been able to do so and live amicably with them. Why at all? A few days after sending a good fat bus to Lahore, hoping to make friends, we get terrorist attacks in return. That's the extent to which Islam is fanatic - at its roots.

You cannot offer peace to a rowdy who has 'decided' to play dirty. And this rowdy religion has rowdyism embedded into its holy works. No two thoughts about it. Islam is clearly a rowdy religion and it has proven to be so for that many centuries, with deeply fanatic roots.

The so-called world peace, lets face it, is unfortuantely an impossible dream without getting really violent with Islam. And violence is the only language it comprehends.

M K Gandhi's concept of ahimsa is a misfit when treating the world-ill of Islam. Why? To start with, no one solution is a cure-all panacea. Nor is ahimsa. Ahimsa is a principle that can be applied to straying individuals or religions who have the innate core to get back on track and be reasonable and just. From when has a religion that has sponsored terrorism for centuries been reasonable and just?

No way! Lets face it. We have to get back at Islam the way it will understand. And we cannot be complacent and non-violent.



At 6:45 AM, Blogger Abumouhsen said...

What you just said in yourt blog is just offensive as you accuse islam and its follower.I think you have a shallow head that it's not allowing to study islam or understand indeed you are biaised and prejudice. Islam is tolerant as its name indicates clearly but fair enough to just criticise muslim by their shortcoming and publiciing bad image about islam.If u want to know the true islam i would like to refer to this website just help clarify the prejudice u have u can also write to me at

At 7:50 AM, Blogger Ravi said...

i think the author is talking of islam as it is today and not tomorrow.

simply accusing the author of bias and having shallow head will not help. only shallow heads can comment like that. comeout and tell what is bias.


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