Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Suicide Bombers Rationale

Well, well. After years of crying myself hoarse that the root cause of muslim violence lies at their holy works such as the Quran and the Shariat, there is finally a study to corroborate this. Is it really so tough to arrive at this conclusion?
Suicide bombers follow Quran,concludes Pentagon briefingTasked with pinpointing motivation, analysts findterrorists 'rational actors' following 'holy book'

Posted: September 27, 200610:17 p.m. EasternĀ© 2006

What is rationale or logic?
Is it a universal constant? How does one's brain comprehend logic? How does a man perform an action? Most of the times, actions are propelled by a justification that it will bear an intended fruit. And again, this is based on past experiences, beliefs and environments.

Past Experience: Every man, innately desires fame and glory, unless he decides to curb it. Money is only one of the means to achieve glory - in most cases. What does one do after accruing wardrobes full of money? He aims for power and glory. After all, what good is money if you can't get what you want done?

Now, if your past experience shows you that a man earns glory and name by dying for Islam, you also give it thought - if not dress-up with designer wear bombs right away. If you see people actually get glory out of dying or promising to die - why not give it a shot?

Environment: For 15 / 20 years, you are always told that dying for Allah is great. And that it is the purpose of life. Also you see that there is nothing much better to do anyway - like starting a company and contributing to an economy. What will you do? Give dying for Allah a shot.

Belief: When knowledge becomes conviction or belief, one can move the world. This works both positively and negatively. Positive and negative - at this point reduces to what the actor beholds as rational.

A bank robber is not illogical. A serial rapist isn't either. They do their job with precision. They are rational actors. And rationale is built by the above factors.

By the way: What is common sense?
Common sense is nothing but a set of thoughts held by many people to be true. Note the word many as against all. What is sense to one may not be sense to another.

Ever tasted a mango?
If you have never tasted a mango, I can never explain how it tastes to you. I can say it is sweet. You may ask if its like a eating sugar. I can say - well not exactly.
If someone says to me - "Mangoes with ice-cream is next to heaven" - it makes sense to me. To you its just a statement and is not corroborated by your experience.

Dying for Allah is similar (if not exactly the same). A suicide bomber cannot explain to you the greatness of dying for Allah ... nor can you explain to him the stupidity of it. Your logic contradicts his logic. Both stands are logical - and are based on past experiences, environments and beliefs.

C R Anand!


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Ravi said...

Great one Anand.

It is hard to belive for hindus that faith can drive a man to kill others.

But it is a common sense for some to kill others in the name of faith.


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