Sunday, October 30, 2005


Dear Friends,

All of you will agree that the world is becoming small; 'small' in terms of reach, not otherwise! This has been possible due to advent of various technologies. Remote place, a few decades ago, is really not far today. Communicating with your family when you are away from home has never been so easy thanks due to revolutions in internet and telecommunications. Information is a click away and so also an 'idea'.

With so many conflicting ideas in this world, it is natural that one becomes perplexed in shaping his/her thoughts. Life has become busier unlike yesteryears and one has little time in making judgement on his/her own. Dangerous ideas become dominant with the help of power, media support and money and influence gullible people.

Responsible citizens must fight to replace dangerous ideas with just ideas. If it is possible for propagating dangerous ideas, it is possbile for propagating virtuous ideas too. With emergence of alternative media like internet, opportunities exist for well meaning people to counter false and dangerous ideas.

With this prelude, India Prasthutha welcomes you to this blog. Members of this blog will soon start posting articles/opinions with good intent. Relevant thoughts will be expressed with a high degree of responsibility.

Wishing you all a very happy Deepavali. Condolences are due to family members of those who lost their lives in Paharganj, Delhi in a terrorist attack aimed at disrupting Deepavali.


At 2:27 AM, Blogger bloggrez said...

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At 7:08 AM, Blogger Dr. Lok Raj said...

You are so right about the earth becoming a smaller place day by day, due to adnancement in technology.By the same pace,logically man and civilization should have grown in an inversly proportional manner, but that has not happened.Rather, the movement of man and cvilization has been parallel to the 'shrinking' of earth.Religions are becoming more rigid and 'close' groups rather than being open and welcoming different ideas.Our own great civilization,which was always open and had always encouraged emergence of new ideologies, is also becoming less tolerant, and people at the helm of affairs seem to 'prescribe particluar way of thinking rather than stimutlating independent spurt of ideas.We may be making lot of progress in material life, but are certainly deteriorating otherwise.


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