Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cross Encounters – 1

The bell rang when Murugan was about to sit for Pooja. It was that lady who comes every Sunday to the apartment to take the inmates to nearby church. He opened the door and welcomed her inside.

She could speak little English, just enough to invite the brown skins to her church.

Lady: Mr. Murugan, please come with me to church. Let us pray.

Murugan: Okay, I will. But, on one condition.

Lady: What?

Muruagn: See, I was about to offer prayers to our Gods. Why don’t you join me in my prayers? If you join me, I would be glad to join in your prayers too.

Terrified lady refused to sit with Muruagn to offer the prayers and left the place immediately. She never pressed the door bell of Murugan’s home.

Missionaries invading your homes in Korea are not uncommon. Rate of cross plantation is high in Korea and it is no surprise if you encounter missionaries on the streets, bus/train stations, at universities and at your door.

The difference between Murugan and the lady is obvious. In Murugan you see a typical Hindu attitude of accepting the invitation to join the prayers. However, the lady did not reciprocate his invitation. Murugan has respects towards other faith, but the lady has no respect at all towards his. It is no surprise given the fact that she subscribes to an exclusive religion, that is, Christianity.

Yes, it is like an exclusive club membership and there is only ONE club. You can be a member ONLY to that club and none else!

Well, the problem is not mainly about exclusivity. It is intolerance towards other faiths which is not acceptable. Missionaries firmly believe non-christians will go to hell and hence it is their job to rescue them. Missionaries believe that non-christians can be rescued by convering them to Christianity. They make use of every opportunity to save non-christians even if it is during tsunami and earthquake. But, they are not to be seen during Katrina hurricane relief activities because people out there are already Christians!


At 5:44 PM, Blogger naani said...

highschool level blog writing
why i like to call like that is because it has only two colours i.e black and white.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger VivekaVairagyan said...

When i was studying in Central Europe - A couple of young women Preachers of the Jehovah Organisation came over to my hostel and started moving with the Non-Christian foreigners in a friendly manner. Then, one day they came with Bibles in their hand and offered them to us Students. I was offered a Bible in my Mother tongue language. I was quite impressed with their resources and the preparation to influence people like me. They also provided us some pamphlets proclaiming that Jesus alone was the real god and all other religions were false.

I told the two Ladies that - if they can provide me with a good beleivable reason/logic/purpose behind the existence of this world and the life in it, about the creator and why the creator needed to create the universe and etc - then i might be impressed with their knowledge and understand their need to profess & preach their philosophy/religion. So they let out their standard version of christian philosophy - that too in quite an incomplete manner. They were so pathetic - they talked about Adam - who gave in to his temptation and bit the apple - leading to the existence of humanity in the world as result of the committed sin and the same old 'We are born as sinners and Jesus alone can take our Sins', about Judgement Day and etc.
So, i naively asked them - 'Ahh..Just because of this Adam and his action of eating the Forbidden Apple - we all have to take birth in this world. How stupid of him. Is it right to blame Adam for our present state ?. the Ladies , in a fit of excitement based on the premise that i had accepted and got satisfied with their logic - nodded their heads vigorously and proclaimed 'Absolutely'.

Then i changed colors.I told them - this is the same old crap that every Christian Preacher peddles and for a change i made them listen to the Hindu ideas of life, Universe, existence, God and etc. I brought my Bhagavad Geeta, Mahabharata, Ramayana books from my room and explained to them the concepts of Brahman - Nirguna and Suguna Brahman,Atma - Jeevatma & Paramatma, Maya, Icha, Kriya, Shakti, Karma, Birth-Death cycle, Yama-Niyama, Yuga, Incarnation, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, Moksha, Vedanta and etc. I spent more than an hour and eventhough - they feigned interest and i sensed some amount of desperation increasing in them - i didn't give up until i finished my lecture on Hinduism to them. To their credit - they atleast didnt vanish away from the spot , once i started on lecture to them. Then i asked them - if they or their higher authorities, can provide me a better understanding of this world, the Life in this World, the purpose of Life than what i had already known as per the ideals of Hinduism - then i would be interested in knowing about that philosophy and in seeking their help. If they cant understand my request or provide some suitable answers for my request - then they better know that they are peddling some flawed religious, bigoted philosophy that will not stand the ravages of time. I asked them to say the same to their leader or higher authority - who sent them o our hostel to entice us guys to start our conversion to Christianity. This happened infront of some Islamic and Buddhist guys from South Asia/South East Asia. The women didnt expect to get subjected to some reverse preaching from one of the inmates of the Hostel. The two young women stopped coming afterwards to our hostel. After finishing my studies i came back to India and forgot about that incident till i read this blog.

My Humble Request to Hindus who are not aware of much of their own religion
Please learn more about our gem of a religion - which will guide us in living our everyday life with a strong purpose & at a higher level of existence and in making sense of this world.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger habc said...

All christian missionaries are banned in Israel. Israel signed a agreement with about 70 missionary organizations to make sure they do not proselytize on Israeli soil.

That is why "Jews for Jesus" who are missionaries targeting Jews only operate in New York and not in Israel.

India should do the same.

At 12:14 AM, Blogger habc said...

By the way good blog guys. you should have also given a link to



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