Monday, January 02, 2006

Repeat Telecast of Indian History

Indians have this uncanny knack. Whenever, there is a threat from the outside, we start a discussion about how to tackle the problem. This discussion becomes a debate, upgrades into an argument, and before we know, we have scuttled our own ship before the enemy does anything. The British effectively used the divide and rule policy against us. Now we have come one step further. We do not need the British. We can do it ourselves.

India is easily the oldest democracy. Every guy with an ass has an opinion. And every such guy has an ego that stinks as much as his ass. Take the IISc shoot out, for example. I know of a fat faction of pseudo-intellectuals within that campus who will quickly justify the shooting. "Oh Hindus should not have done the Ayodhya act. Thats what aggrieved the muslims."

Like this is any justification. We are supposed to have the brainiest people in there in that campus. Sometimes I feel we Indians are good at arguing and talking thru' our hats and nothing really more, though this is untrue.

How can you offer peace and secularism to a guy who has decided to get violent with you. Offering peace there amounts to himsa and not ahimsa. If you do not retaliate to an aggressor, then you allow him to trample you and then go on to trample others, encouraged by the easy success. This is sponsoring violence, not non-violence. Any one with a little game theory can explain that to you. But how do you explain a game theory or anything at all to a guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know.

It looks like intelligence is mistaken a lot for common sense. And lack of common sense surely leads to pseudo-intellectualism. The problem of pseudo-intellectualism is more serious in India than terrorism and hunger and other such threats to a stable society.

Islam is an aggressive religion. It is not just a few misguided elements creating chaos. The roots of the problem exist within Islamic texts. You cannot be a muslim and empathize with another religion. Ask a learned muslim and he will tell you. Only the congress and the communist parties will say otherwise. I do not know for what joy though!

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