Friday, July 14, 2006

In the absence of potency

“Just after the Mumbai blasts, a call from Karachi to Dhaka said: "Mubarakan, mubarakan (congratulations)" — a clear mission-accomplished message.”

Congratulations? Yes. Of course they have a reason. Rejoice? Yes they do have their reasons.

But what reason do we have to celebrate the terror attack on Mumbai?

Celebrations? Yea, just take a look at the following super hit words.

“Sprit of Mumbai”, “salaam Bombay”, “Mumbai back to normal”, “It is a slap on the face of terrorists that we are back to normalcy so fast”, “WE ARE MUMBAIKARS” and all such similar crap.

Super hit words have almost shadowed the terrorist attacks, the condolences for 200 killed and sympathy for those who are injured.

I don’t know if the families of those who have lost their dear member(s) are saluting Bombay or saying that it is a slap of the face of terrorists. Surely, they are not back to normalcy.

Had the asses of those who claim “sprit of Mumbai” been shattered by the bombs, what 'spirit' could they have claimed?

Have we become so immune to the deaths of our own people? I did not observe this kind of immunity after 9/11 attacks in US. That is one possible reason why there has been no attack on US.

“Spirit of Mumbai”, “Back to normalcy” and etc are castrated expressions of the weak. After all the weak have no choice. What else can we as a Nation do? Get bombarded by terrorists once a month. Forget the killed and injured. Come back to normalcy quickly as if nothing had happened. Take pride in getting back to normalcy. Most certainly it is easier for us as a Nation to do than taking any other actions. Terrorists are equally entertained. How amicable?

Visiting Mumbai yesterday, our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had this to say to the people of Mumbai, "You have demonstrated your determination in fighting this war by showing utmost discipline and profound sense of courage in rapidly restoring normalcy in the city."

Fighting War? My Foot.

Profound sense of Courage? My foot.

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